The HeronLED Personal Task Light

An energy-saving, environmentally friendly, ergonomically designed desk lamp for work place, hospitality, and home office environments. Made from recycled e-waste, made in USA, ENERGY STAR.

Saves Energy.
LED light source uses a fraction of the energy used by incandescent and CFL bulbs.
Lowers Costs.
Immediate savings on your electric bill. Long life of LEDs (15 years or longer) means lower bulb replacement cost.
Gives You More Control.
Adjustable design lets user direct comfortable “warm white” light where it’s needed, often requiring less “ambient” lighting and reducing energy use even more.
Reduces Landfill.
Made from recycled plastic and steel and designed for easy>recycling at end of life. Does NOT contain mercury.
Decreases Carbon Footprint of Lighting.
Use of recycled materials and manufacturing close to home reduces carbon footprint of manufacturing process; lower energy usage when light is on reduces carbon footprint of the end user.

Made in USA means more green jobs at home
5-YEAR WARRANTY protects your investment

Technical Specifications and Features

General Design Information:
• Light source is replaceable 3-Watt LED bi-pin MR-16 VWF, exclusively designed for use with HeronLED and made in the USA
• Body of fixture made from 89% recycled post-consumer ABS plastic (non-corrosive, RoHS compliant) sourced and processed in the USA
• Metal base of lamp made in USA from RoHS compliant steel melted and manufactured in the USA and made from at least 70% scrap metal
• Ergonomically designed to provide maximum controllability of height and angle of light source to put light where needed on the work space
• Uses 1/7th the energy used by a comparable incandescent desk lamp
• Weighs 3 pounds
• ETL/cETL safety certifications
• 5-year Warranty

Specific Lighting Information:
• Light output/Brightness: 220 lumens
• Energy used: 4 Watts
• Lumens per Watt/Efficiency: 55
• Light appearance/Color temperature: Warm white (3000 K)
• Color Rendering Index (CRI): 80
• Life: 50,000 hours (17 years if on 8 hours per day)
• Illuminance levels meet recommendations for common visual task as described in ANSI/IESNA RP-1-04, “American National Standard Practice for Office Lighting”

Environmental Features:
• Body of fixture made from 89% post-consumer recycled ABS plastic sourced and processed in USA.SSL_Label_HERONLED0 smaller
• Steel base made in USA from USA manufactured steel comprised of at least 70% scrap metal
• Overall post-consumer content: 58.4%
• Substantial energy savings reduces carbon footprint of lighting your workspace. Even more energy saved when combined with reduced ambient lighting made possible by user controllability of task lights
• Design inspired by cradle to cradle principals : We have built in ease of disassembly at end of product life so that virtually all components of our desk lamp can be easily recycled
• LED light source contains NO mercury
• Can contribute to points in several LEED categories: Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality
• Packaging, literature, and labels made from recycled, post-consumer waste
• We are very proud to have earned the ENERGY STAR

Electrical Information:
• Input Voltage Range: 120V—277V
• Power Cord (USA): 2-prong, SPT-2, approximately 6’ long. (Available with power cords for use in other countries in Fall of 2011.)
• Off-state power use: 0 Watts
• Power factor: .58